Sidney Dental Hygiene

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Customer Testimonials

The Sidney Dental Hygiene Clinic's holistic approach to dental wellness provides its clients with the best service and education available.  I recommend this clinic to my family and my patients.

Dr. Kristen Bovee, N.D. Sidney, B.C.   

The time is long overdue for independent dental hygiene practices; I love having the choice.  We get to choose all our other healthcare professionals, now we can choose our own hygienist too.

Paul MacKenzie, Vancouver, B.C.  

Not only did the Sidney Dental Hygiene Clinic and its hygienists make me feel comfortable immediately, their level of professionalism and service was outstanding. 

Carol A. Edwards, San Diego, CA.

The touch of aromatherapy in the warm face cloth is truly spa-like!

Petra Allen, Brentwood Bay, B.C.